Truffle Tree Blog
29th December 2020
Latest Weather
Storm Bella.


7th November 2018
Updated Youtube Channel
Two large video clips have been added to our Youtube channel.


17th October 2015
Some Great Brûlées
Here are some of the brûlées in column A.


07th October 2015
Latest Video of the Truffière
The trees are growing superbly.


29th January 2015
Truffle Hunt at Le Gardian 29th January 2015
We welcomed Claude and his Belgian Shepherd, Corso, a veteran of three previous hunts.


22nd May 2014
The Truffière
A video of the truffière filmed on May 22 2014


17th April 2014
The Truffière 2014
Here is a short video clip of the truffière on 16th April 2014.


09th February 2014
Plan B
We're not having too much luck with dogs so maybe we should try pigs for truffle hunting?


30th January 2014
Truffle Hunt 30th January 2014
Good news and bad news.


17th February 2013
Truffle Hunt 17th February 2013
Since the beginning of the truffle season the weather had been incredibly wet.


11th February 2013
Truffle Hunting
The last couple of months have been incredibly wet.


14th October 2012
Truffle Tree joins Facebook
Hannah has today set up a Facebook page for Truffle Tree.


4th March 2012
Truffle Hunt 3rd March 2012
We had planned to hunt for truffles again in late January.


2nd February 2012
Truffle Tree's Future Assured
My daughter, Hannah, her partner, Rob, and their three children have now bought the house next door and have moved down here to join the Truffle Tree team.


03rd January 2012
The Amazing Adventures of Oinky Grub
Its not everyone that gets to be a villain in a childrens book!


01st November 2011
See Your Tree on Google Street View
To my utter amazement I have just discovered that the truffire can be seen on Street View!