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Truffle Hunt at Le Gardian 29th January 2015
29th January 2015
We welcomed Claude and his Belgian Shepherd, Corso, a veteran of three previous hunts.

Following last years hunt, when Christelle identified some promising brles, we harrowed the truffire to a depth of 2 or 3cm to reduce compaction and allow fallen leaves and grass cuttings to penetrate and lighten the soil. Since then several more possible brles have arrived and hopes were high for our first success. The weather was dismal and got worse as the hunt progressed until we were finally forced in when freezing rain arrived. It turned into a major storm and we lost electricity for several hours and our internet connection for three weeks! I'm afraid that once again we ended empty-handed but those brles are very encouraging.

You can find some pictures of the truffle hunt on the "Newsletters" page.

Truffle Hunting Pictures