Truffle Tree Blog
29th August 2019
Amazing Success of Australian Truffles
The BBC published this article about the extraordinary growth in Australian truffle production on my birthday, 22nd August.


19th December 2014
Another Reason to Adopt a Truffle Tree?
Great news for truffle lovers.


05th December 2014
The Start of the Truffle Season
December 2nd saw the first truffle market of the season at Lalbenque


09th November 2014
Prospects for the Coming Season
A perfect year?


13th January 2011
Truffle Hunting at Le Gardian
Today saw our first truffle hunt of the 2010/11 season.


22nd February 2010
Le Gardian Truffle Hunt
Today (22nd February) we were visited by one of the leading French truffle hounds.


03rd January 2010
Lalbenque - Newspaper Reports
Two very different market days.


23rd December 2009
Lalbenque 2009 Revisited
Two very different days at Lalbenque truffle market


03rd December 2009
Lalbenque 2009
The first market of the 2009/10 season was held on 1st December.