Truffle Tree Blog
Truffle Hunting at Le Gardian
13th January 2011
Today saw our first truffle hunt of the 2010/11 season.

Once again we were visited by star truffle hunter, Taora, and her owner, Christelle. Taora is now nine so she brought along her three year old trainee, Corso, to give her a hand.

Sadly, despite the efforts of two top hounds, we were again unable to find any black diamonds. There were several promising moments when the dogs seemed to have found something but all proved false. Christelle told us that it has not been a good season so far in Le Gers but that's little consolation. However, we plan to hunt again in late February when the ground should be a little drier.

Photographs of the hunt will be published shortly in a newsletter and an article about Christelle and Taora can be found in the blog entry of 22nd February 2010.