Truffle Tree Blog
19th February 2020
Syndicat des Trufficulteurs du Gers
On February 5th we were chosen to participate in a Tournée Truffes organised by Florent Nonon of the Syndicat des Trufficulteurs du Gers.


27th December 2019
An Autumnal Video of the Truffière
The contrast between the evergreen Holm Oaks and the deciduous Downy Oaks is striking.


24th June 2019
Truffière Video 10th June 2019
The truffière on a rather dull day. The new growth on the Holm Oaks is very striking.


14th August 2018
Truffière Video 11th August 2018
The trees are growing superbly after a very wet year.


04th May 2017
The Truffière in May 2017
A lovely spring day was perfect for filming the truffière.


11th September 2016
The Truffière in August 2016
A brilliant summer day provided perfect conditions for a new video of the truffière.


23rd February 2016
The Truffière 21st February 2016
A wonderful sunny day in Le Gers provided the perfect opportunity to film the truffière in winter.