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Syndicat des Trufficulteurs du Gers
19th February 2020
On February 5th we were chosen to participate in a Tournée Truffes organised by Florent Nonon of the Syndicat des Trufficulteurs du Gers.

Our part was a truffle hunt carried out by an expert from Cahors, Laurent Genola, and his two truffle hounds. They did manage to find one small truffle. But as they said, "c'est mieux que rien!" You can find a photo of it on the Newsletters page.

What was really beneficial was to have access to a guy with huge knowledge of truffles, from selecting a suitable site to harvesting the resulting product. He emphasised the importance of regular, shallow harrowing of the truffière but very interestingly he felt that our soil was particularly suited to the production of summer truffles (Tuber aestivum). He suggested that we should hunt in both summer and winter and we certainly aim to take his advice. While the summer truffle is less prized than its winter sibling it is certainly worth having!