Adopt a Truffle Tree
Standard Adoption Prices:
£ 179.00 per tree
€ 199.00 per tree
$ 299.00 per tree

Standard Annual Care and Maintenance Prices:
£ 45.00 per tree
€ 49.00 per tree
$ 69.00 per tree

Please complete the form below to adopt your Truffle Tree.

Is the adoption of the Truffle Tree to be a gift?
Yes No

If yes, when would you like us to contact the recipient (DD/MM/YYYY)?

We can send you a card to announce your gift. After adopting the tree please send us an email with the greeting you would like and your choice of picture - one from the website or a theme of your choice.

Do you want the recipient to be able to choose their own tree species and harvest preferences?
Yes No

Will you pay the annual care and maintenance charge?
Yes No

TREE SPECIES - You can choose between two species of trees.
Holm Oak (Evergreen) Downy Oak
Please enter the number of each species you want to adopt or you can leave the choice to the recipient of your gift or decide for yourself later.

Number of trees to be decided later

HARVEST PREFERENCES - You can elect to have your truffles mailed to you or we shall be happy to sell them on your behalf and send you a cheque at the end of the season. If you want to spread your risk a little, you can choose to pool your truffles with others making the same election. For the greatest fun and excitement we strongly suggest individual mailed

Truffles to be harvested Individual Pooled
Truffles to be Sold Mailed

MEDIA CODE - If you have a media code to enter, please enter it here.

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