Truffle Tree Adoption Scheme
Financial Times
FT Title
The very first article about Truffle Tree in the weekend edition of The Financial Times - almost six weeks before the first tree was planted. It caught brilliantly the essence of my idea and gave me the perfect phrase, "Definitely risky, potentially fun", which has appeared on our homepage ever since.
The Week
The Week rehashes Nick Lander's Financial Times article.
The Times
The Times is just about the most prestigious newspaper in the world but, oddly, this article had nothing like the pulling power of the earlier one in The Financial Times.
This article didn't exactly set the world on fire.
Waitrose Food Illustrated
We were thrilled to get a mention in the magazine but oddly it failed to generate much interest.
A very highly regarded British wine magazine with a surprisingly high foreign circulation. The article produced adoptions in both the UK and the USA.
A rather upmarket British travel magazine.
French Magazine
Polly's first big moment of fame!

And then the following month a competition to win a truffle tree.
Canberra Times
An article mainly about two Canberra tree owners who travelled to Le Gardian in the depth of winter to see their tree. They adored Le Gers and I'm sure they will be back very soon. Their tree is a rather special one - the only one affected by the fall of the mature oak which blew down in January 2005.
Daily Mail
A somewhat tongue-in-cheek article about Fathers' Day presents but it proved to be highly effective over several months.
The Daily Candy
Wonderful tongue-firmly-in-cheek article which produced hundreds of visitors to our website and several dozen adoptions.
Great article but for some reason they left out the name Truffle Tree, the website address and all my contact details. However lots of people either Googled or wrote to the magazine and it generated plenty of adoptions plus a two year rental of my apartment.
The Telegraph
Easily the most ridiculous article ever written about Truffle Tree and with just one aim - to force in as many stupid puns as possible. Unsurprisingly it did not produce a single enquiry let alone an adoption.
The inflight magazine of bmi produced an astonishing number of adoptions. The forehead above belongs to Keira Knightley. Sadly this is probably the closest I'm ever going to get to her.
The September 2006 issue of a very glossy New York style magazine.
Sunday Tribune
An article in an Irish Sunday newspaper which gave us a small nucleus of Irish tree owners.
The Independent on Sunday
I was horrified by this article and so was the journalist who wrote it! Her name still appeared on it even though only about 10% of what she wrote remained and the story had been given a financial slant with the dreaded word "investor" used several times and even a suggestion that I was "cashing in". Nevertheless it led to quite a few adoptions.
The November 2006 issue of Singapore Airline's inflight magazine.
The Oldie
Excellent magazine with very funny articles but terribly hard to find.
The magazine of the Institute of Directors. This article caught the eye of a producer at the BBC, leading to the featuring of Truffle Tree in the Money Programme.
The Financial Times
A much longer and more serious article than the first one which launched Truffle Tree back in February 2003. To my huge surprise and disappointment it created very modest levels of interest.
Only a small mention but Gourmet is just about the leading foodie magazine in the USA.
A very pleasant article from an English language French newspaper.
Radio Times
Radio Times Title
This 2008 Money Programme special (broadcast originally on BBC2 and repeated on BBC1) about older entrepreneurs was selected by The Radio Times as Today's Choice. To match the "older" theme Valerie Singleton was chosen to present the programme. She is a TV icon who made her name as an early member of the "Blue Peter" team and went on to present many other BBC current affairs offerings including The Money Programme.
The Guardian
Really an article about how Brits here in France are suffering due to the strength of the euro. However, I managed to get a mention for both Truffle Tree and my wine business!