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The Amazing Adventures of Oinky Grub
03rd January 2012
Its not everyone that gets to be a villain in a childrens book!

Cruella de Vil did and it doesnt seem to have done her any lasting damage. That was what was in my mind when prolific author, Andy Frazier, asked me if I would be happy to be a character in his latest work about a young pig who visits France. He sent me the first two thirds of the book at which point young Oinky Grub had just met a guy called Dick Pyle selling truffle trees in the main square in Toulouse. We discussed a few possible plot developments, including one where Oinky ended up on my barbecue, but in the final version Im not really that bad. My designs on Oinky turn out to be purely financial, I covet him as a valuable truffle-finding animal, and not culinary. But I am painted in sufficiently unsympathetic colours (for example never appearing other than behind a plate of sausage and bacon) that I fail to win Daisy, the beautiful young Irish heroine, who ends up walking into the sunset with a young, handsome Gersois farmer. Very galling! If you would like to buy a copy of this book then go here -

And it's also available in Kindle format from Amazon UK and US.