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Truffle Hunt 17th February 2013
17th February 2013
Since the beginning of the truffle season the weather had been incredibly wet.

However, on the day of our planned cavage the sun was shining and the weather quite mild. Nevertheless the ground was still completely waterlogged and there were puddles even at the top of the truffire. We had a great turnout of truffle hounds; seven, of all shapes, breeds and sizes, with five handlers. We covered over 700 trees, all those that were planted six or more years ago, but once again drew a blank. There were a couple of excitements, especially when a dark, warty object was found about five centimetres below the surface, but that turned out to be a sleepy toad.

Subject to the weather, we plan a further hunt this season to be carried out by M de Galard, the President of the Gers Trufficulteurs Association. As I write the snow is pelting down but it doesn't usually last long here.