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Truffle Hunt on 17th February 2024
18th February 2024
I must confess that I organised the truffle hunt with little expectation of success.

Once again the hunting team comprised Florent and his Lagotto, Ouma. A fellow non-hunting attendee was our 10 month old Braque Allemand puppy, Polly 2, named after our much-missed and long-lamented dog given to me by my equally missed and lamented neighbour, Serge, shortly after my arrival in France. As she is in season she had to be tightly restrained by being tied to trees as we moved round the truffière. If you play the video with sound you can hear her reaction to this indignity. The video of this is now also in our YouTube channel. Photos of Ouma in action can be found on our “Newsletters” page. It is of course very disappointing to fail again. It is little consolation to have been told by Florent that of the several hundred truffières in Le Gers those that have so far produced truffles can be counted on the fingers of one hand!

Truffle Hunt 27th January 2024

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