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More news of Polly
31st January 2008
Today Polly returned to the Vet School at Toulouse.

Her fistulae had improved a lot since her visit to the Vic vet on Monday - the new one on her right side is almost healed and the one on her stomach has halved in size. Nevertheless the Toulouse team were worried and disappointed that they had returned. It means that the foreign body which has caused all her problems is still there, although after some eighteen months it may be very fragmented. The conclusion was that she should have another scan to try and locate the object and then be operated on again with the incisions being made in her stomach rather than her flanks. This is very much a preliminary view and is subject to discussions with the surgeon who performed the last two operations and the Professor of Surgery. My feeling is that if they couldn't find it with the two earlier scans it's highly unlikely that they will find it this time - it's probably very fragmented and buried too deeply in tissue. We shall see, but nothing can be done immediately since the effect of her three week antibiotic injection has to wear off first.