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More worries about Polly
28th January 2008
Things have got worse.

This morning I discovered a large, livid sac of fluid on her stomach. All morning the Toulouse Vet School still wasn't answering the phone but early in the afternoon I finally got through and made an appointment for Thursday morning. That seemed dangerously far off to me so I rushed her straight into the vet at Vic Fezensac. Well rushed was perhaps not quite the right word since there were already three dogs and two cats backed up in the waiting room. Anyway Dr Derrey shaved the three areas, added plenty of iodine, punctured the sac of fluid and generally cleaned things up. To my relief the smell was not serious, just caused by the blood in her coat not the massive infection I had feared. He gave her a new antibiotic injection called Convenia which lasts three weeks and put her on a 12 day course of a second antibiotic, Marbocyl. Now I'll just have to wait and see what they say in Toulouse.